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SPS24V - Switching Power Supply Module 

$50 w/no shutdown - $65 w/shutdown

DC to DC Converter 

+12V to +24V step-up converter

                Sealed epoxy potted module
  Supplies +24V up to 500 mA
  Operates from 7-15VDC input
  Convenient screw type wire terminals
  Useful for remote and battery applications
  Convenient mounting tabs






 Typical configuration       



OUTPUT  24V +/- 5%
HOUSING glass filled epoxy
TEMPERATURE -20 / 145 degree F
SHUTDOWN CURRENT <5ma (2.3ma typ.)


Part Number Codes


SPS24V DC to DC converter module
SPS24V-SD DC to DC converter module (with shutdown option)


The SWPS is a DC to DC converter module that offers convenient power conversion in an efficient and small package size. The primary use is to supply sensor or other power where a +24V supply is not available.



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EMS manufactures and supplies low cost sensors and low cost controls for process automation and industrial applications. EMS provides application assistance to insure that a particular sensor or technology is best suited to an application.

EMS provides products and services to all segments of the process control industry. OEMs, system integrators, engineering firms, distributors, end users, product manufacturers, and system designers.

We supply inductive proximity sensors, pressure sensors, ultrasonic proximity and ranging sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, optical proximity and ranging  sensors, and a full line of level switches. EMS started with the design of ultrasonic sensors and offers a full line of ranging and proximity sensors using ultrasonic technology under the Sonarange and Sonaprox trademarks.

EMS sensors can be fully integrated into and operate with standard PLC, DCS, SCADA, or other control system using standard operating voltages and output signals. Our sensors also can be used with our "Sentry" line of controls for a complete "stand alone" system that is rugged, reliable, and economical.

EMS sensors are suited for applications in a wide variety of industries such as; food processing, packaging, factory automation, chemical processing, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, textiles, metals processing and finishing, robotics, and industrial process control.

EMS products are not to be used as the sole element in critical or life dependant functions. These systems should always be designed with redundancy.

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