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Thermocouple Sentry - $75

Thermocouple to current loop converter


  Low cost and convenient way to bring thermocouple data into a PLC or other control system.


Program the Thermocouple Sentry to scale the output range to the specific application.

Can be programmed in place.

                Linearized for greater accuracy
  Self-powered two wire current loop
  K or T type thermocouples
  Range can be scaled to specific application
  Easy mounting - comes with two mounting nuts
  3mA output for fault condition (open or shorted thermocouple)



TC terminator plugs TC Sentry housing





SPECIFICATIONS Thermocouple Sentry 
INPUT K or T thermocouple 
POWER +24VDC @ 50mA
OUTPUT  Two wire 4-20mA
HOUSING 7/8"x 24 tpi x 3.4" -  PVC
HOUSING TEMPERATURE -40 / 145 degree F


Part Number Codes


TCS-T Thermocouple Sentry "T" type - $75
TCS-K Thermocouple Sentry "K" type -  $75
USB35MM-3.3V USB programming cable - $20
MP-T Thermocouple termination Mini plug "T" type - $5
MP-K Thermocouple termination Mini plug "K" type - $5


The Thermocouple Sentry provides a low cost method to convert thermocouple data to a 2 wire current loop 4-20mA signal. 


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