Made in the USA

Wireless 4 Channel Relay Control 

Each channel can be set independently as either latching or momentary. 




The Four Channel Relay Control comes with a four button wireless key FOB, and 12VDC wall power adapter, and the control assembly.

                Operates up to 100m distance from control
  Four independent channels programmable for either momentary or latching operation
  Four SPST relays rated at 5A
  Wall mountable enclosure
  +12V wall power adapter included
  Four button key FOB included
  LED indication of relay operation



In the momentary mode, when the FOB button is held down, the relay can operate for up to 10-15 seconds before automatically shitting off. The button can be pressed again for another period of operation.

In the latching mode of operation pressing the button for a half second will cause the corresponding relay to toggle (operate if offor release if active). If the button is held for more than two seconds, the relay may toggle again. 

The LEDs on the top of the unit can be used to verify relay operation.

Installation and Design Considerations

The Wireless 4 Channel Relay Control 101 is a low cost way to switch on or off multiple devices remotely. Installation should be done in accordance with all local codes. To power off the control, simply disconnect the wall power adapter.

The Wireless 4 Channe4l Relay Control should not be used as a sole control element in applications of safety or critical function. These applications should always be designed with redundancy.


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