Easy Low Cost Humidity Control

Made in the USA

Sentry Humidistat 101 

Programmable options built in but not needed for basic operation.


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Fully integrated humidity control for switching 120VAC power to an alarm, heater, fan, pump, motor, lamp, or other device.


                Comes with a 3' AC power input cord
  2 line LCD backlit display 
  3 button (UP, DOWN, and ENTER) input panel
  Mounting flange
  Comes with factory presets (no programming needed)
  Programming options (if desired)
  • Hysteresis
  • Averaging
  • Alarm delay
  • Calibration
  • Password
  • Fan on/off
  • Relay on over/under
  • Default reset




  Ground and Neutral pass through

Switched "Hot" lead




Design Considerations

The Humidistat 101 is a low cost way to switch on or off a humidifier, de-humidifier, fan, blower, heater, or other device based on ambient humidity.

The Sentry Humidistat is self-contained and fully integrated.  

The Sentry Humidistat should not be used as a sole control element in applications of safety or critical function. These applications should always be designed with redundancy.

Caution: Putting a short or greater than a 5A load on the output may damage the unit.



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