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Float Switch - Vertical - $5.50

Float Switch   

1/2" through hole

Can be configured in a multiple array using 1/4" PVC sch80 pipe and "Tee" fittings adapted to an "H" pattern. The example shown provides high, low, and overflow monitoring. The switch can be  epoxied into the pipe end and the wires run up through the pipe.


                Sealed against harsh environments - polypropylene
  Operating temperature: -20 ~ 75C (-4 ~ 167F)
  Max switching voltage: 70VDC
  Max switching current: 0.1A


Associated Parts      
FSVERT5/16 - float switch $5.50 each   Buy - in stock
PVC-H-025  "H" fitting $9.50 each (drilled to 9/16" through the long way - both legs)   Buy - in stock

PVC-T-025   "T" fitting

$3.90 each (unmodified)   Buy - in stock
PVC-L-025   "L" fitting $2.50 each (unmodified)   Buy - in stock
PVC-80-025-(length in inches) $.20 per inch (2 inch increments - up to 48")    


The FSVERT5/16 vertical float switch is a low cost device to monitor water level. Switch operation can be nullified by debris, foam, or contaminants. Care should be taken that the float is able to move without restriction as might occur if the float is mounted too close to the side of a tank or support structure.

Danger: Never apply lethal voltages in areas that have liquids as there is a danger of electrocution. Always follow local codes for using electrical equipment.

Caution: EMS products are not designed to be sole elements of critical process or safety applications. These applications should always be designed with redundancy.

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