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Current Loop 

(2 wire - loop powered)

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110 / 220 ACV

True RMS

AC Voltage Transmitter - $50

Monitor AC voltage for excessive motor load, brown out conditions, power factor problems, or switching to back up power.


                Two wire current loop (4-20 mA) (loop powered)
  Galvanically isolated for safety
  Low cost RMS AC voltage measurement for PLCs and control systems
  0-110 / 0-220 VAC
  +/- 2% accuracy
  Reverse polarity protected


RMS Voltage  
  In a normal AC sine wave the RMS voltage is equivalent to the power of direct current of the same voltage. Many factors can distort the AC voltage such as transformer saturation, inductive (motor or pump) loading, and even switch mode power supplies that are often found in computers. Some distortion can occur that does not effect the peak voltage. However, the distortion can lower the total power and be detected by a true RMS measurement.








RANGE 0-110VAC, 0-220 VAC


Current loop (4-20mA) two wire 

Part Number ACVT1

Design considerations

The ACVT1 is a low cost way to input AC voltage information into a PLC, process control meter, distributed control system (DCS), or other industrial control system. The ACVT1 can be mounted to any flat surface. The two output wires can be connected to an analog input card or other two wire 4-20 mA current loop circuit.

The ACVT1 is designed for low cost applications where standard accuracy is acceptable.

Because the ACVT1 has a plastic housing,  care should be taken to insure that the operating environment does not get so hot that the housing will soften. This may happen at temperatures around 180 to 190 degrees F.

The ALS1 should not be used as the sole sensing element in critical equipment or safety applications. 



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